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Team Members

Dr Lainie Kaan

Dr Lainie Kaan   Chiropractor
B.App.Sc(Chiropractic) MCOCA

Dr Lainie Kaan is the principal of BDFC and has been a Chiropractor since 1992. She displays wonderful people skills and with her wealth of experience and ability has become a well-known local fixture. She utilises a variety of effective techniques to achieve the goals of more patient comfort and mobility.

Dr Julian Lu

Dr Julian Lu   Chiropractor
B.App.Sc.(Clin.Sc.), B.C.Sc MCOCA

Dr Julian Lu is the clinic's number one Chiropractic associate and has been at BDFC for over six years, providing his well-respected methods to assist his many patients to overcome pain and discomfort which allows them to be more productive in their work and personal lives.

Adrian Duncan

Adrian Duncan   Myotherapist
B.Sc, Adv.Dip.Myo.(RMIT)

Adrian Duncan has been a Myotherapist at BDFC for 11 years and is much loved by virtually all whom are fortunate enough to have him use his wonderful knowledge and hands on approach to making their muscles feel better. His relaxed attitude makes all his patients - whether they are young kids, stay-at-home mothers/fathers, overworked employees/managers, or even elite athletes - feel confident in Adrian's competence. Prior to Myotherapy Adrian worked as a remedial masseur for a number of years so there isn't a muscle problem his is not familiar with and has not treated in his excellent and results-oriented way.

Mark Bernamoff

Mark Bernamoff   Clinic Manager

Having lived for over 17 years in Melbourne, Canadian-born Mark has always been in the customer service industry. He brought his positive attitude, excellent work ethic and friendly personality to BDFC many years ago and continues as the clinic manager because he still loves dealing with the varied patients of all ages and backgrounds, all the while ensuring that everyone is dealt with professionally and efficiently.


Carey Crossthwaite   Chiropractic Assistant

Carey has been a long-term valued member of the BDFC family who always has a smile for every new and existing patient who enters the clinic. You can be assured that when you see Carey at the front desk you shall be taken care of in the best possible way.