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Chiropractic = hands on healing

Chiropractic has a long history of helping people of all ages with drug-free therapy. Chiropractic believes in "hands-on" healing of the whole person, by correcting misalignments of the spine that affect the functioning of the nervous system.

BDFC loves to work with children, from correcting their posture to educating them for long-term spinal health. Dr Lainie Kaan has lots of experience with many sports-related injuries and in particular enjoys helping martial artists, dancers and skaters just to name a few.

Chiropractic may help neck pain/discomfort, back pain or stiffness, headaches/migraines, arm/leg pain, sports injuries, posture. Chiropractic may help your child with colic, ear infections, constant crying and scoliosis.

Myotherapy = myo (muscle) remedy through treatment (therapy)

Our highly trained and experienced qualified Myotherapists have completed full-time university or tertiary level courses of 3-4 years' duration, which makes them some of the most well-educated and skilled muscle practitioners. Myotherapists use a range of techniques to assess and treat various conditions that cause pain and affect movement, including massage and deep tissue mobilisation, prescribed stretching and strengthening exercises and very effective dry needling.

Some common conditions Myotherapy may assist the healing of: headaches/migraines, neck pain, low back pain, sciatica, hamstring, leg pain, arthritis, tennis elbow, frozen shoulders, strains and sprains, shin splints/foot pain, arm and hand pain, fibromyalgia, chronic muscle overuse syndrome, plantar fasciitis, muscle tension, stress.

Myotherapy is covered by most extras private health insurance cover. The amount depends on your individual policy coverage.

Gift Certificates available for relaxation massage and Myotherapy